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This is the first post at the Origami Army HQ! For those who don't know what the Origami Army is, it first came from my friend George. George is awesome. George is one of my favorite people in the whole world. And if you joined the Origami Army, then you may also love George. If you don't love George, you're still allowed to join, because the Origami Army isn't just for people who love George.

The Origami Army is for people who like origami or any other aspect of Asian culture. This includes but is not limited to: food, animation, politics, vacation, art, craft, people, heritage and culture. If you're interested in any of these things pertaining to any Asian culture, feel free to join! You're also welcome to teach people how to do origami or share patterns for making origami, if you'd like to keep it that specific. Or just talk about your favorite George stories and why George is so awesome. XD

A little bit about me: My name is Chelsea, I'm a junior in college, a voice performance major, and I love George. XD I took three years of Japanese in high school and used to be an avid anime fan. I still enjoy anime, but my major doesn't leave room for a whole lot of side activities, so I've unfortunately been unable to enjoy it as much as I used to. There's a lot more about me, but if you really need to know, you can either friend me or ask me about it.
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